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Arizona's Premier Off-Road Championship Series

Here is a step by step guide to getting started with AMRA. Whether you are racing the Big Bike series or you have a little one interested in racing the Mini Bike series, we'll walk you through what you need to get off to a great start with our series!

The AMRA Rulebook (available here) is an invaluable resource that explains exactly how the AMRA clubs run events. This is necessary understanding so that riders fully understand the event formats, class/division designations, finisher rules, points structures, etc.

Here's a couple quiz questions for you to test your rulebook knowledge:
  • Do you know how many laps you need to complete in a Hare Scramble to be considered a finisher and get points?
  • Is the "Open" class open to any displacement motorcycle? (the answer might surprise you)
  • How can you get 50 series bonus points?
  • How many events do you have to compete in to be eligible for year end awards?
  • How can you get disqualified before even showing up to a race?
  • What is used to determine a tie-breaker in points?

NOTE: There are also some helpful suggestions in the New Rider Info Sheet available here.
AMRA Big Bike Classes:
  • Sportsmen: White background, black numbers, no letters. Beginner adult racer, non-points paying class. No divisions for this class. May only race 3 times in this class. Will race the full adult C course.
  • Novice (C Class): Green backgrounds, white numbers & letters. Will race the full adult C course. Course intended to be fun and less technical to accommodate all skill levels.
  • Amateur (B Class): Yellow backgrounds, black numbers & letters. Should have significant racing experience with moderate ability and endurance. Races the full adult A/B course, concurrent with Expert A and AA. Must have skill sets and control such that sharing the race course with Expert A and AA is safe for a B racer.
  • Expert (A Class): Red backgrounds, white numbers & letters. Should have extensive desert racing experience, ability and endurance. Races full adult A/B course.
  • AA Class: Blue backgrounds, white numbers, no letters. Top 10 from previous year or prior Pro experience. Highest of all skill levels.

AMRA Big Bike Divisions:
  • Youth (Y): 12-14+ years of age, races the full adult course with the C class
  • Open (P): Bike with displacement of 251cc or above
  • Up to 200cc (A): Bike with displacement of 86cc to 200cc
  • Up to 250cc (X): Bike with displacement of 201cc to 250cc • 30 + (V): Ages 30 and up, no displacement limit
  • 40+ (S): Ages 40 and up, no displacement limit
  • 50+ (M): Ages 50 and up, no displacement limit
  • 60 + (L): Ages 60 and up, no displacement limit
  • Women (W)

AMRA Mini Bike Classes:
(all classes require black numbers on stock or white backgrounds)
  • 50cc ages 4-6: 50-90cc 4 stroke, 50cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #0-49
  • 50cc Beginner (B) 7-9: 50-90cc 4 stroke, 50cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #50-99
  • 50cc Advanced (A) 7-9: 50-90cc 4 stroke, 50cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #100-149
  • 65cc Beginner (C): 60-111cc 4 stroke, 60-65cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #400-449
  • 65cc Intermediate (B): 65-111cc 4 stroke, 65cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #150-199
  • 65cc Advanced (A): 65-111cc 4 stroke, 65cc 2 stroke, max 12” rear wheel, bike #200-249
  • 85cc Beginner (C): 80-150cc 4 stroke, 80-150cc 2 stroke, max 16” wheel, bike #450-499
  • 85cc Beginner (B): 85-150cc 4 stroke, 85cc 2 stroke, max 16” rear wheel, bike #250-299
  • 85cc Advanced (A): 85-150cc 4 stroke, 85cc 2 stroke, max 16” rear wheel, bike #300-349
  • Women’s Beginner: Any cc two wheel motorcycle, Age 15+, rides 85cc Course, no series points awarded for this class
All AMRA Big Bike and Mini Bike series participants must purchase an AMRA membership to compete in AMRA events and earn series points.
  • Bike numbers can only be requested at the time of purchasing an AMRA membership.
  • Big Bike numbers are alpha numeric with the letter following earned or assigned number (ie a 30+ bike number may be 24V, or a 250cc bike number may be 65X)
  • Mini Bike numbers are numeric only
  • AMRA Memberships can be purchased here

NOTE: You will also need to purchase a Transponder for use in the Hare Scramble events (Big Bikes only).
The AMRA Big Bike and Mini Bike series are American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sanctioned off-road series and as such also requires all AMRA big bike and mini bike series participants to be members of the AMA. To purchase an AMA membership go to
All riders under the age of 18 MUST follow the appropriate process to submit the designated minor waiver form in order to be eligible to race and AMRA event. There are no exceptions to this!

For Big Bike and Mini Bike series minor participants:
To save time and money pre-enter for the next AMRA event online!
  • This greatly speeds up on-site check in and gives you one less thing to worry about on race day
  • Be sure to bring your photo ID and AMA card
  • Be sure to have both parents onsite (minors only)

Pre-Entry Sites:
  • Show up to the race site early to get signed in, to run your bike through tech inspection and to ask any other last minute questions
  • Don't forget your photo ID, AMA membership (big bike series), bring CASH (checks, credit cards are not accepted onsite)
  • Sign in can be overwhelming your first time through, but there are lots of folks on hand to help and answer your questions. We're here to help!
  • Attend the riders meeting to get any other questions answered about the race

Still have questions? Email our bike stewards: