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Author Topic: Steve Hatch Clinic for the Ceez and Beez (May 11th, 2013)  (Read 3550 times)
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Hey Competent Ceez and Struggling Beez, Steve Hatch Racing's team of instructors are reserving slots for a special off-road clinic designed to get you over the hump, riding safer, faster, and more efficiently. Just like those A-racers, but with less attitude."
Struggling with how to go faster safely? Having trouble taking it to the next level? Looking to beat your buddies, but can't seem to find that speed and ability they have? Don't have time to train or ride much and just need a day to learn the best techniques to conserve energy?.....this camp is for you!
Let Steve Hatch's proven system take the guess work out of it for you. You will have fun, learn new techniqes to be safer and faster. Steve's proven system of coaching has been helping riders take it to the next level for over 10 years! Steve is so confident in his system that if you don't learn new techniques to be safer and faster then your money back!
Saturday, May 11th
Time: 9am - 5pm at Canyon Offroad Park (Canyon MX)

An 8 hour clinic for just $199.
Canyon MX offers us great offroad terrain to learn MANY new techniques. Fixed rocks, rolling rocks, sand track, logs, ravines, ruts, etc. The have from easy to difficult and everything in between.
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