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Author Topic: Heat Cheats - What are your tricks for hot weather riding?  (Read 5279 times)
« on: August 20, 2013, 08:55:37 AM »

Cheating the heat is always a win out here in AZ.  What else do you guys use to beat the heat?  Jokes are welcome too.

Here are a few things I do and things I have heard.  MTB and running all summer long at all hours, and attending 5 hour swim meets in June-August got me doing research.  All of this does not apply directly to moto.

Synthetic light weight clothes.  I am now buying mainly dry fit, under armor style shirts.  Or going with the 50% Cotton, 50% Poly blend.  Those are lighter and breath better, but do not look like you're going to work out.  I found some tennis shorts that are super light weight synthetic that work great too.
Lightest weight hat in a synthetic.  I have tried out a few with success.  My favorite is head sweats.  The hat style is a bit different, but I barely feel it on.
Lighter colors everything
Drink a ton of water before getting out in the heat. 
Running cold water in the Camelback has shown to increase performance in cycling time trials.  Throw some ice in before you go.
Take big gulps of water.  Your stomach needs a set amount of water before it lets the water move through the system.  Some will sat sips are better though because that is what they heard.
Spend more time in the heat.  I often drive home with the windows open and no AC in the summer.  Once I think I am going ot start to sweat, I will roll up and cranck the AC.
Run AC above 80.  If you crank 70's, outside is a bigger variance.  Bill is less too.  We run around 85 at day, and 80-82 at night.
Catch shade whenever it is available.  A tall Saguaro is a great strip of shade early or later in the day. Not so much at noon. 
If you have a break, lie down in the shade and raise your feet up above your heart on a chair.  It lowers your blood pressure or something like that.  That is helpful regardless of the heat. 
Pour water over yourself when you leave staging.  Do it again mid ride if you carry enough water.
Take electrolyte supplements like Hammer Fizz.  Or go with an Electrolyte/Carb mix like Fluid, or Gatorade.
Ride early or night.  Avoid mid day sun.

Heard about:
Keep arms covered to protect form sun.  Some folks sweat the light colored, light weight long sleeve is cooler.  I do notice a moto jersey at the dunes is way cooler than a t shirt, except when coupled with a flat bill backwards.
Wear a hat with those flaps to cover your neck.  Makes sense, but you would look like a total tool.
Cool vests?  They have different levels and costs.  I have not heard a lot of positive feedback on them.  Maybe the $500 one would be the ticket  Shocked

Not sure:
I tried a Halo skull cap that keeps the sweat out of your eyes.  It has a piece of rubber on the forehead so sweat goes behind your eyes.  I tried it on the mtb, and am not sure about it.  I got the one size fits all and it was too tight.  I know others that swear by them.

Chuck Barbee:  Here is a good site for reading up on hydration for events over a couple of hours...these guys get hydration and nutrition down to a science.
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Those are all great suggestions.
My tricks are:

1- Stop riding in it.
2- Go North.
3- Wait for a great monsoon day.

Us old guys get cranky when it's hot. Grin
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1: 50/50 Water/Poweraid (sugerfree strawberry) mix in the camelback
2: Ride every weekend.

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« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2013, 11:16:26 AM »

1. Move to flagstaff.
2. Drink beer. Wink
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2013, 06:23:58 AM »

1. Move to flagstaff.
2. Drink beer. Wink

3. Spend time at Scott's house. Cheesy
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Nice comments!   Grin

I just learned a new cheat.  It is for heat, but mainly just hydration/heart rate related.

Often when we drink from the Camelback, we hold our breathe.  I was doing it and others have told me the same.  When you do that, your heart rate spikes and you get fatigued.

I found that if you suck in water with a real deep breath, then hold the breath briefly and swallow the water, the heart rate issue is minimized.  You also focus on taking some deep breathes which has it's own benefits. 
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