Transponder Purchase and Information
All racers please note:
  • The AMRA big bike series uses a transponder reader/scoring system for Mini and Big Bike Scoring
  • The transponders from 2011 and previous years (the cigar-style transponder) will NOT work with our system

Once you've made your purchase via this site, we will note that you have paid and you can pick up your transponder at the next race. We will not be shipping these out to riders.
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Transponder Tips:
  • Transponders should be mounted on the underside of the helmet visor
  • Transponder needs to be at least an inch away from the rider's body
  • Helmets with metallic paint may cause interference, so be sure to have an AMRA official inspect your transponder mounting location
  • Handle the transponder carefully prior to mounting so that the antenna does not get damaged
  • Cloth tape (no metal) can be used over the transponder to ensure adhesion to helmet visor
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